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Sinonine have provided services for many customer to setup fine and ultra-fine grinding around the world.This project including ores,paintings,pigments,toners, pesticides,coatings ,foods,and medecines etc.

02 Nov 2020

Sinonine horizontal sand mill can grind kaolin to be 2 μm D97.

27 Oct 2020

the large horizontal sand mill has been applied to the fine grinding of metal & non-ferrous metal ores,

24 Jul 2020

Sinonine offers a full range of gold superfine grinding machines and solutions. Using the large flow horizontal sand mill to grind the gold ore to be 5-20um.

20 Jul 2020

Sinonine can provide a complete set of coating grinding and dispersion solutions and equipment. From low viscosity to high viscosity, from dispersion, grinding to vacuum defoaming, Sinonine has suitable equipments.

18 Jul 2020

Sinonine has specially developed a large flow bead mill for grinding lithium battery materials, which has been widely used in large-scale production of lithium battery materials.

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