Bead mill production line for coatings

Coating is a continuous film coated on the surface of the protected or decorated object and can be firmly attached to the coating. It is usually made of resin, oil, emulsion and so on, adding or not adding pigments, fillers, adding corresponding auxiliaries, and making the viscous liquid made of organic solvents or water.

The coating belongs to the organic chemical polymer material, and the film formed belongs to the type of polymer compound. Therefore, the coating belongs to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a kind of multifunctional engineering materials and an important industry in chemical industry. The main functions of coatings are protection, decoration, concealment of defects and other special functions, so as to enhance the value of products.

As an important equipment of coating production, bead mill plays an important role in the development of coatings. It is very important to select the appropriate bead mills according to the characteristics and viscosity of coatings.

Sinonine can provide a complete set of coating grinding and dispersion solutions and equipment. From low viscosity to high viscosity, from dispersion, grinding to vacuum defoaming, Sinonine has suitable equipments.

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