Application of nano bead mill in cosmetics

Cosmetics are commonly used in daily life. They are mainly applied on the surface of the body to decorate people's appearance, so as to maintain the best state of organic chemical industrial products. There are different kinds of cosmetics, including cleaning, skin care, extrusion, beauty and recuperation. In the production of so many kinds of cosmetics, nano bead mill plays an important role.

The nano grinding machine is made of zirconia or silicon carbide, completely isolated from the metal. This method can ensure the smooth operation of materials. It is usually used in carbon nanotubes, inkjet, cosmetics, biological agents and so on.

In fact, cosmetics still belong to chemical industry products or fine chemical products, so it needs to be ground into the appearance of our daily life. Nano sand mill can slowly grind cosmetic materials into fine particles, and then present the appearance we need in daily life to better protect our skin.

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