Bead mill for pigments

If there is no color in the world, it will be monotonous and dim. As a colorant, pigments make the world colorful. Pigment is a kind of special substance, which can not be dissolved in the medium and must be well dispersed in the medium. In addition to coloring, pigments can also be used as color carriers, such as in paints, inks, oil inks, or preservatives with the help of specialized techniques and their chemical properties.

Disc sand mill is the mainstream equipment for grinding and dispersing pigments. Through continuous grinding and dispersion of pigment raw materials, it can reach the appropriate particle size and be better used in coloring materials.

The disc bead mill for pigments production has the following obvious characteristics

1.Elimination of all radial openings in the mill chamber.

2.Allowing for installation of exchangeable, through-hardened liner.

3.Exchangeable,through-haedened front & end plates and hardened wear bushing at exposed loacations

4.Combination of neutral and conveying high intensity agitator discs,specific design featuring increased diameter.

5.Bead retention by centrifugal implement screen.

The grinding and dispersing of pigments are accomplished by disc bead mill as the following working principles: The dispersing device of disc bead mill is composed of a main shaft, a dispersing disc, a reflecting cage and a bushing. During operation, the mechanical energy generated by the rotation of the dispersing disc is transmitted to the grinding medium through the rotation of the main shaft, so that the material is ground and dispersed uniformly. A reflective cage is arranged at the front end of the main shaft to prevent the grinding medium from collecting at the discharge scree and causing wear on the screen.

Sinonine can provide various types of disc sand mill to meet the requirements of different pigment production, and can also provide pigment grinding and dispersion solutions according to customer requirements.

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