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Bead mill for laboratory
This type bead mill is a special designed for laboratory use. As a type ultra-fine grinding mill, the labotary beas mill is the most widly used, most advanced and most efficient grinding equipment. It is widely applied in coating, ink, super fine powder of nonmetalliferous ore, dyes, magnetic recording material, etc of industry department and the laboratory of LA colleges. This type small bead mill is easy to operate which is the necessary equipment for super milling in laboratory.


Working principle of laboratory bead mill
The dispersing device of disc bead mill is composed of a main shaft, a dispersing disc, a reflecting cage and a bushing. During operation, the mechanical energy generated by the rotation of the dispersing disc is transmitted to the grindingmedium through the rotation of the main shaft, so that the material is ground and dispersed uniformly. A reflective cage is arranged at the front end of the main shaft to prevent the grinding medium from collecting at the discharge scree and causing wear on the screen.

Features of laboratory bead mill
1.Elimination of all radial openings in the mill chamber.
2.Allowing for installation of exchangeable, through-hardened liner.
3.Exchangeable,through-haedened front & end plates and hardened wear bushing at exposed loacations.
4.Combination of neutral and conveying high intensity agitator discs,specific design featuring increased diameter.
5.Bead retention by centrifugal implement screen.
Spare parts of lab bead mill

Specification of bead mill for laboratory
Model CDS-2 CDS-5
Main power(Kw) 3-4 5.5-7.5
Charmber volume(L) 2 5
Max.flow rate(L/h) 5-20 10-100

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