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Turbine bead mill
Turbine bead mill is a type of horizontal bead mill with large flow capacity. As a type ultra-fine grinding mill, the turbinebead mill is the most widly used, most advanced and most efficient grinding equipment. The turbine bead mill is suitable for grinding and dispersing ultra fine material with medium and low viscosity, the grinding fineness can reach below 2 microns and widely used in mineral, coatings,dyes,inks,photosensitive material, pesticides, medicine, lithium batteries, nano new material, carbon nonatubes, cosmetics,graphene etc.

Working principle of turbine bead mill
The dispersing device of turbine bead mill is composed of a main shaft, a turbine, a reflecting cage and a bushing.The maine shaft dives the dispersing turbine to rotate at high speed, and agitates the grinding medium in the drum to generate a swirling flow and a radial movment, thereby the product can achieve the specified fineness and color saturation after forced grinding and dispersion.In the meantime, the product and the grinding medium are separated by the dynamic dicharge gap.

 Features of turbine bead mill
1.Much higher throughputs.
2.Better ability to process highly viscous products.
3.Longer lifetime of the screen.
4.Improved ability to handle foaming products.
5.Ability to grind in the nanometre range.
6.Simple handling of the machine during the production and the maintenance.
7.Possibility for fast product changes at low costs.
8.Optimal suitability for the pass mode and the circulation mode.

Specification of turbine bead mill
Model TN-2 TN-10 TN-18 TN-30 TN-60
Main power(Kw) 5.5-7.5 15-22 30-37 37-45 55-90
Charmber volume(L) 2 10 18 30 60
Cooling water (L/h) 1000-1500 1500-2200 1800-2500 2500-3000 3000-4000

Application of turbine bead mill

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